peter bibby

Peter Bibby grew up around the inner-northern suburb of Midland in Perth, Western Australia. At 19, he quit his job of 3 years and went busking around Perth and Fremantle, immersing himself in a world of drunken trashbaggery and mad public balladeering. He learned to play songs on the sidewalk, screaming at the world like a wild eyed street-urchin-Necromancer... or something like that.

Once Bibby figured out pubs give you beer if you play, he kicked around in bands like Frozen Ocean and Fucking Teeth before getting his band together. Bibby now finds himself with a collection of self-indulgent songs about girls, chairs, and all the other emotional crash-bangs of a twenty-something year old Australian tramp.

Peter Bibby has played a bunch of gig and recorded an album ‘Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician.’  Released to deafening applause and love-filled heckles via Spinning Top Music, two music videos support singles quickly followed, ‘Hates My Boozin’ & ‘Goodbye Johnny’.  

Always the last at the party, Bibby toured the west coast of America in prep for a planned demolition of SXSW.  Playing 7 showcases in half the days, Bibby thought, might as well take on London.  Having performed at Field Day 2015 with a handful of gigs around the old town, Bibby proved his theory that pubs in London also give you beer.  He then tested his hypothesis that live shows = beer, but this time in South Africa, and again, his hypothesis proved true.  Touring through Cape Town, Johannesburg, and in-between, this tour served as an extended warm-up for Bibby’s national support for C.W. Stoneking’s Australian tour. 

'Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician' is available now on Spinning Top Records.