Wed Mar 14

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Tue Mar 13

The Fascinator Suite

A hotel room designed by Lord Fascinator.

With accompanying 24hr looping original soundtrack.

"Through psychotherapy I attempted to visualize my subconscious and let it inform the design. The sessions resulted in transforming the space into an oceanic abyss."

Aurally the suite includes hours of music created on site, as well as unreleased albums & tracks from Fascinator along with past and future projects Electric Smile Band, Children Collide, SexJedi, Lord Meditator and more.

This will be a permanent installation and functional hotel room available for bookings at The Carlton Arms Hotel, New York City. 

Launching March 15th

Thu Mar 08
GUM's 4th Album Is Out April 6th. Stream 3 tracks including new single The Blue Marble & pre-order now
1. Introduction
2. The Underdog
3. S.I.A
4. Serotonin
5. After All (From the Sun)
6. Rehearsed in a Dream
7. Couldn't See Past My Ego
8. The Blue Marble
9. Trying My Best
10. the Fear