Sun May 11
Label Launch Party

Saturday May 17 at Mojo's Bar in North Fremantle, we'll be throwing a party in celebration of the launch of Spinning Top Records. Come down and hang with us, watch some bands, have some drinks and party on down.

Felicity Groom (band)
Peter Bibby (band)
Shiny Joe Ryan (band)
Cam Avery
DJ Chip Seagull
Doors at 8, tix on the door
Thu May 08
Download GUM's 'Misunderstanding'

Multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy, Jay Watson is a wearer of many hats. A member of both Tame Impala and Pond, he’s better known to friends and loved ones as Gumby or Gum.

Whilst being pretty darn busy, Gum has managed to find the time to write and record his debut solo album Delorean Highway, a collection of 10 songs, described as “paranoid pop songs, mostly about falling in love and all of the things that he thinks are going to kill him”. Available on iTunes now.

Download "Misunderstanding" (a cover of a the 1980’s Genesis hit) for free here

Reflecting on his choice of song, Gum says "I first heard 'Misunderstanding' at 40,000 feet watching your run-of-the-mill crappy rock documentary on Genesis or Phil Collins, or both, I can't remember. It was the period when they turned from a very English prog band into a very commercial pop band. I only heard a 10 second snippet of it, and had to keep rewinding and listening to it over and over again to try and hear the words, in order to Google it later. Anyways, maybe it was just the fact that I always cry on airplanes, but something made that song seem super-heartfelt to me. Of course I then ruined it by putting flanger over the whole thing when I covered it for my album, but hey, I was into Chrome at the time."

Thu May 08
Album Announce: GUM - Delorean Highway

Gum's album Delorean Highway will be released on iTunes, Friday May 30. Vinyl pre-order available this coming June - stay tuned for further details.


01. Delorean Highway 

02. Growin’ Up 

03. The Sky Opened Up

04. Misunderstanding (free download)

05. Summer Rain

06. 21st Century Radiation

07. Pink Skies

08. Living And Dying

09. Day Of The Triffids

10. Can’t See Past My Eyes

Sun May 04
Thu May 01
Spinning Top Records launches, Manticore released on vinyl and digital!

We are super excited to announce the formation of our new label, Spinning Top Records, in association with ADA.

The first release will take us back to where it all began, with the now-legendary Mink Mussel Creek album Mink Mussel Manticore. Up until now it has only been available on USB wristband, on Friday May 16 it will be released as a digital download (with pre order available here on iTunes now), followed with a double vinyl release in June.

To launch the label, we're offering a free download each week for the next 5 weeks. The first will be the Mink Mussel Creek taster – a 13-minute monster titled They Dated Steadily available from today right here.  

Tracks from GUM, Shiny Joe Ryan, Felicity Groom and Nicholas Allbrook will follow the first Mink download.

Spinning Top Records will then release the GUM and Shiny Joe Ryan albums in June, also available on vinyl and digital download.

In the coming months there will be releases from Felicity Groom, Peter Bibby, Nicholas Allbrook, Allbrook/Avery and everything else the label loves.

Expect a May 2014 launch party.