Fri Oct 24
FREE D/L- Gunns 'The Fool'

Gunns are a five-piece dream of pop, Garage and surf rock from the sleepy seaside city of Fremantle in Western Australia.

The brainchild of guitarist Clinton Oliver (The Growl, HAMJAM), Gunns began in 2011 as a bedroom recording project. Before too long, he joined with Jennifer Aslett (Hootenanny), Michael Jelinek (Felicity Groom, The Silents), Hamish Rahn (HAMJAM, The Chemist) and James Ireland (HAMJAM, The Growl) Gunns are the newest addition to the Spinning Top family.

To celebrate the upcoming tour, we're offering ‘The Fool’ as a free download track.

Clint says: ‘The Fool was written about 3 years ago. Demoed several times but never really sounding complete until the addition of synthesizer in 2014. The song was re-recorded in the bedroom where it came to life.  The song has a simple message...."be real, be honest, be yourself". Don't let fame change you as a person.  This song is the result of a long time friend that changed as his success grew. Needless to say I don't call him a friend any longer, I call him a fool.’

Gunns will be touring nationally throughout November with San Cisco, and will also be performing with The Preatures and HAMJAM in Perth during December.  See full list of dates and venues below:

Sat 08 Nov - Ezra Pound, Northbridge WA - WAM Festival

Sat 15 Nov - Mojo’s, Fremantle WA (18+) - with San Cisco

Sun 16 Nov - Mojo’s, Fremantle WA (U18) - with San Cisco

Thu 20 Nov - Fowlers, Adelaide SA (All Ages) - with San Cisco

Fri 21 Nov - The Zoo, Brisbane QLD - with San Cisco

Sat 22 Nov - Alhambra, Brisbane QLD (U18) - with San Cisco

Sun 23 Nov - The Northern, Byron Bay NSW (18+) - with San Cisco

Thu 27 Nov - The Metro, Sydney NSW (AA) - with San Cisco

Fri 28 Nov - The Small Ballroom, Newcastle NSW - with San Cisco

Sat 29 Nov - Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC - with San Cisco

Sun 30 Nov - Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC (U18) - with San Cisco

Sat 06 Dec - Metropolis, Fremantle WA - with The Preatures

Sat 13 Dec - Mojo’s, Fremantle WA - with HAMJAM

Mon Oct 20
POND - Elvis' Flaming Star

Time for POND to smash out a brand new track!

The video for 'Elvis' Flaming Star' is below.

6th album 'Man It Feels Like Space Again' is out Jan 23 (AUS) / Jan 26 (UK) / Jan 27 (US). 

Pre-order here:

Fri Oct 17
Felicity Groom 'Hungry Sky' out now!

Felicity's sophomore album 'Hungry Sky' is out now.

Featuring backing from Andrew Ryan, Mike Jelinek and Steve Summerlin, and cameos from Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Jay Watson and Julian Barbagallo.

Listen to 'Move Your Muscles' and watch the video for 'Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller'


Grab it at your local record store, digital on iTunes or JB HiFi for CD online.


Fri Oct 17
WATCH: Hates My Boozin' by Peter Bibby

Filmed / Directed / Edited by Tahlia Isabel Palmer, designed by Bek Bibby, and starring a heap of his friends. Now all YOU need to do is click below.

Hates My Boozin' is taken from Peter Bibby's debut album Butcher / Hairstylist / Beautician, out November 14 on Spinning Top Records.

Tue Oct 07
NEW MUSIC: Peter Bibby 'Hates My Boozin'

Self-proclaimed balladeer Peter Bibby is set to release his first official single ‘Hates My Boozin’. Lifted from his forthcoming debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician, ‘Hates My Boozin’ will be released Monday October 13th.  Bibby has also just been announced to join the likes of Banks, Caribou, Jungle, Lykke Li and Future Island for St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015.

Some words from Peter Bibby on the single:

"One time I was really drunk, for the thousandth time, and my girlfriend got really upset at me and told me I need to stop drinking or else she would leave me. I haven’t seen her in a few years. Then another time, the same thing happened with a different girl. She’s gone too. Then this other time, I was getting well pissed and rowdy at my house with some mates and my housemate came in and told us to “sht the f*#k up c@#ts!” so we did our best. The next morning she said she needed a word with me in private and told me she was worried about my alcohol intake and I took it all on board and at the time, I thought she may be on to something. Over the course of that day I started thinking things like “fuck t^@t!” and “who the devil does she think she is?” and then I started thinking about all the other women in my life who have given me a hard time for being a trashy booze hound so I sat down at the type writer and shat out this song. I had already been strumming the chords as I drove across the Nullabor with a couple of good mates a few days earlier and it all slotted in nicely. It’s a representation of my horrible stubbornness. It’s my ‘Bitch, don’t kill my vibe'.  Its my woozy ballad of self assurance."

Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician will be released in 2 formats: as a digital download and CD on Friday November 14th. The Album will also be released on vinyl - stay tuned for further details.