Wed Jan 20
Peter Bibby is getting' his missus, but the van broke - new dates below

He's still on the road, he's still gettin' his missus and he's still playin' gigs along the way to help pay for petrol (and now a broken Paul Van Dayum). 

From the man himself, "Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has supported our film fundraiser ... Bloody pack of legends you are! Sure we've hit a few hurdles but we continue to hop over them like the bounding kangaroo of Australia's vast Outback."  Tickets to the shows are available at the door. 

22 Jan / The Tote Main Room / Melbourne, VIC
24 Jan / Karova Lounge / Ballarat, VIC
28 Jan / Ed Castle / Adelaide, SA

Thu Jan 14
Help Peter Bibby make a movie!
Peter Bibby is driving across Australia to get his missus.  He's also playing some gigs along the way to get petrol money.  Then he had an idea. "I was just sitting there thinking about how spooky it might get in the middle of Australia when you’re all by yourself at night time, wondering if I would finally meet The Bunyip and then my cousin Dan calls me up and says “I’d like to come along and make a documentary” and I was like “Yeah?” and he was like “Yeah” and I was like “Shit Yeah.”
Thu Jan 07
Peter Bibby Tour

Peter Bibby is driving his van across Australia to pick up his missus and drive her back to Perth to live the co-domesticated dream.  He's playing some gigs along the way to help pay for the petrol, so please come along and help this romance blossom.❤️ 

UPDATE: due to Bibby’s van not agreeing to get him across the country, shows have had to be rescheduled. See here for new dates. 

Tue Oct 20
Peter Bibby plays Falls Festival 2015