Tue Oct 22
Monterrey Cancellation Explained
Hello to all the disappointed fans in Monterrey,
I wanted to give you all a more detailed explanation of what has forced us to cancel the Monterrey show and why it is now possible to add an extra show in Buenos Aires.
We're all really sorry this has happened.
We never want to disappoint our fans, nor would we want to put the promoters of the show who have worked so hard through this either.
Back in July we had this exact same thing happen with the Hurricane festival in Germany - the band made it there but our equipment did not. We checked with the airline and they said we could fly with our gear on the phone, but then when we got to the airport it was not allowed on the flight. So the fans only got the announcement of the cancelled performance when Tame Impala were supposed to go on stage. That was the worst possible scenario and the only time we have ever had to cancel a show before. 
So this time we had to be 100% sure the gear would make it on time and no one could tell us it would. We really had no choice. The flight that was supposed to take our freight from Buenos Aires was delayed by 12 hours, that meant that is was impossible to get our gear to Monterrey on time. That is the truth. And we have too much large heavy equipment to put on a regular airplane to fly with us. So we had to cancel. Myself, our wonderful tour manager, our freight agents and the promoters worked our asses of for the last 2 days trying to make this show possible, but finally today we had to give up.
When this happened, our promoter in Buenos Aires saw the opportunity to add an extra show, and we can still get our freight to Mexico City on time. WE WILL STILL BE PLAYING THE SHOW IN MEXICO CITY ON THE 24th. We added the show in Buenos Aires because we are here, we cannot get to Monterrey and we would rather play one show somewhere than no show at all. We have come a very, very long way to play for everyone so we did not want to waste a night away from home by not playing a show wherever and whenever it is possible.
There is no need to give the band shit for this. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, NOR WAS IT ANYONE'S FAULT.
We'll let you all know when we will be able to make it back to Monterrey. We are working on that now.
All the best,
Tame Impala management.
p.s. Mexicana Airlines has been re-named Aeromexico, but everyone in the business still refers to it as Mexicana because thats what they have been calling it for decades.