Tue Mar 31
Nicholas Allbrook & Amber Fresh - The Vine book + launch event
One day Amber was sitting in the tent in her backyard, with her doona, typewriter and some books, listening to the birds and looking at the pink light coming through. She had a little art notebook and a pen too, and so she decided to write a story for her friend Nick that he could do the drawings to. The story was called "The Vine". When she gave Nick the notebook he filled up the pages with the most lovely drawings, all in inks to make everything come alive. There was even a dog in there, called "Birdsworth", and Nick made him come alive too even though it's hard to get a spirit into a dog in just a little drawing.

Now The Vine is finished, all bound and bedazzled with gold and red. It's a small book, a kids book for grown ups or a grown up book for kids. 

To celebrate, Nicholas Allbrook, Rabbit Island and Benjamin Witt will play music at Mojos Bar in North Fremantle on the 12th of April, and The Vine will be for sale too. Come and share a Sunday of music and billiards and beverages near the beach, and a little book.

Sun 12 April
 / Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle / 5pm-10pm. $10

The Vine book launch featuring live performances from Nicholas Allbrook, Rabbit Island & Ben Witt