Wed Mar 04
Peter Bibby takes on SXSW

The inimitable Peter D. Bibby was invited to SXSW 2015 and Texas won't know what hit it.  Please stop by these fine parties to share a song and a swig with ol' mate. He's got a handful of appearances, but these look pretty fun ... 

South by San Jose is a 5-day extravaganza featuring a whole slew of pretty stellar muse's we're quite chuffed to hear! Please stop by on Saturday, 21st March at 12pm to soothe your tired feet and feed your live, with the finest accompaniment by the Butcher, Hairdresser, Beautician himself!  


Then mosey on down to Beerland and celebrate Panache's Annual Hangover Party on Sunday the 22nd of March.  You know you want to (read: program hangover autopilot accordingly - Mr.  Bibby takes the stage at 1pm).