Thu Oct 30
WATCH: Nicholas Allbrook 'Did I Just Arrive Here..?'

Nicholas Allbrook gives us the next installment from his debut album released last month, the brand new video for Did I Just Arrive Here..?’. 

Created by director James Spinks who says:

‘I guess with the track, I split it up into four parts, and made a visual expression for each part. The first bit is whacky and has a really space-age // cyber-city // electric-neon kind of feel, especially with Nick's warped vocals and those robotic synth chords - so that's how I got the futuristic buildings and the stars and the hover board. Then the song gets super triumphant with this epic rolling guitar lick, so I had to give the character cool goggles and make him reach triumphant speeds. Then it goes a bit sinister, with the random drumming - hence the meteors drumming on the see-through tunnel. Then, finally, the song reaches its own epiphany and floats off into a drifty space warp, hence the drifting into space  - loss of board, loss of bearings, then... CUT, song over. I was looking at a lot of Royal Robertson's space drawings for inspiration. I wanted to give the video-clip that same sort of scrappily-made feel, but for it to still dazzle, as does Allbrook himself!’ 

Nick has also just been announced on the following Ariel Pink shows:

Tuesday Jan 27 / Oxford Arts Factory / Sydney, NSW

Thursday Jan 29 / The Bakery / Perth, WA


Ganough, Wallis and Fatuna” is out now

Digital available HERE // Vinyl available HERE