Fri May 23
Felicity Groom - Move Your Muscles

We're pretty damn excited to share with you, the first taster of Felicity Groom's second album 'Hungry Sky'. The track is called Move Your Muscles and is free for you from today, right here.

Move Your Muscles will give you a bit of an idea of the direction Felicity is headed in, following on from her critically acclaimed debut 'Gossamer'. We asked Flic to tell us a little bit about the track...

"Currently there's 1.73 billion users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alone. That's a dizzying amount of thinking and posting going on out there. It's dizzying for most to know what to do with just one proclamation and so we see a few people using these social media tools incredibly effectively and some use them like a shovel spinning around on ones fingers. 

In retrospect, I can see the influences in this song stylistically... the mc hip hop shout out... the post rock pockets and the choruses opening out into celebratory space pop territories. It was just a song begun on one little synth. Move Your Muscles."

Listen below and grab it here.