Mon Dec 23
2014 Calendar - by Nick & Amber

Hello friends :)  

So, one day Amber was sitting in the tent in her backyard, with her doona and her typewriter and some books, listening to the birds and looking at the pink light coming through. So nice! And she had a little art notebook and a pen too, and so she decided to write a story for her friend Nick that he could do the drawings to. The story was called "The Vine", and when she gave Nick the little notebook he filled up the pages with the most lovely drawings in the world, all in inks to make everything come alive. There was even a dog in there, called "Birdsworth", and Nick made him come alive too even though it's hard to get a spirit into a dog in just a little drawing. 

So "The Vine" is slowly getting made into a real live book but in the meantime they got all excited and made another one. This time it's a calendar so you can write in all the great things that are going to happen or that you're going to do every day for 2014. Maybe you will do something really nice for someone like cook them bread or make them a song or give them money on the street. Or maybe someone will do something really nice for you, like take you riding bikes around the river or look after you if you're sick. Whatever great thing it is, you can write it in here.

All the months are in German and each month has a picture (from Nick) and the next bit of the story (from Amber). They made it summery in the Australian summer, and rainy in the Australian winter, but if you use your imagination you can do anything you like :)

There's only a few copies, not because our love is limited - that's infinite, like the universe - just because Nick and Amber are going to make them all by hand and they both only have two of those. (And also so that their mums and dads can feel special that they have a "limited edition" calendar too.) 

Woohooo, 2014!


Amber + Nick