the silents

A change of band line-up, management and label form what would be considered a turn in a new direction for any artist; and Perth’s melodic oscillators, The Silents are no exception. After welcoming Mike Jelinek as their new drummer, and becoming largely self-funded, the band have embraced artistic DIY freedom.  Their take on Garage Rock has subsequently evolved and the outcome is a new and joyful exploration of the sound-scapey melodies and pulsing rhythms they now purvey.

The Silents second full-length release Sun A Buzz, was recorded live in an old house perched high on a hill in the deep south of Western Australia. Exploring and swimming in the untouched coastlines of our majestic part of the world; and recording in the stone floored dungeon at the base of the house as the sun went down; saw the yin and yang of relaxation and the manic intensity of the writing/recording process permeate the recordings.

Jelinek prescribes grasping and pace-changing rhythms, neatly beating and meeting Sam Ford’s simple but poignant bass lines while beautiful tho often dark and dissonant vocal and guitar melodies leave the songs awash with dynamic shifts between moments of the upmost tranquility vs crafted chaos.

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