Fascinator 'MAN' - January 29, 2016


Man is Fascinator's forthcoming album and it will be released worldwide on January 29th 2016 by Spinning Top Records.  Find it here


Sometime in 2011 I sent Darren Seltmann about 50 songs ranging from lo-fi folk to weird techno tunes. I’d met Darren whilst dancing, costumed, on stage for his band The Avalanches at Meredith Music Festival and always wanted an excuse to work with him.

He valiantly waded through my river of sonic shit and selected 14 tracks that he thought were what ‘Fascinator’ should be.

He then set about re-recording a bunch of parts and running my crappy sounds through old contraptions in his little attic studio in Newtown, Sydney. Later we headed up to his other studio, an ex-miners church in the Blue Mountains to mix. Where we’d take breaks to sip on farm juice at Common Ground café which is run by the Twelve Tribes religious movement.

Man is the record that defined Fascinator and pays homage to Kraftwerk as well as less obvious inspirations like John Maus, Clara Mondshine and Ariel Pink (We listened to a lot of Mature Themes at the time). 

I’ve been sitting on it all this time waiting for an appropriate moment to put it out and now this time has come. FLY MAN FLY!

Cheers, Johnny.

The digital choir.. it's just plain erotic. It reminds me of that font Zapf Dingbats. -Darren Seltman  





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