Thu Nov 05
Fascinator premieres new video 'The Traveller'

'The Traveller' is taken from the forthcoming album MAN.

Fri Aug 07
Fascinator's new single ' Dead of The Night' is out NOW


Watch the video here

Sun Jul 05
Fascinator plays Elvis' Guesthouse
Mon Jan 12
POND 'Zond'

The second single from POND's 6th album Man It Feels Like Space Again is here and it's called 'Zond'.

Filmed in December on their arrival home from extensive American touring, the ‘Zond’ video was captured at Melbourne’s WESTWORLD with a host of local collaborators. On the bold and inspired video, director & editor Lord Fascinator writes:

“Probably the hardest part of making this was finding three elderly citizens who looked identical to what our computer projections told us Jay, Joe and Nick will look like in the twilight of their lives. The Jeff Koons inspired inflatable toy band was brilliantly sculpted by our monster maker, Hayley Callander.
The conjoined twin scene was a little trickier as we used stem cells from each band member to grow an extra torso and head which we later sewed on. Now, normally this takes about 6 – 8 weeks but thanks to our friend and mentor Professor Vincenzi Vandella we were able to expedite this process in his Juggertron laboratory and have them available within mere hours.

The Ben Montero artwork makes the whole thing, really – as well as the characters themselves who, to be honest, I could have just shot walking through the supermarket and it would have been just as weird and funny”.

Watch below or listen on Soundcloud.

Wed Dec 10
Fascinator 'Showin' Off'

After a year spent perfecting his cave painting skills in the sewers of New York, Lord Fascinator has dropped his latest self-directed visual masterpiece to the loungy psychedelic tune of ‘Showin’ Off’.

Airing first on NYC-centric music blog Brooklyn Vegan who said the video’s ‘Lush strings, flutes, majorly groovy bass and chill vibe, it's a great preview of things to come. We've got the premiere of its food-centric video, directed by Johnny Mackay. Not since the cover art to Whipped Cream and Other Delights has frosting (and sushi and spaghetti and, uh, turnips) been used with music so provocatively’. The video was also Rage Indie Clip of the Week here in Australia on release.

To celebrate Fascinator joining the Spinning Top family, we're offering a Jagwar Ma edit of ‘Showin’ Off’ as a free download. Grab it here.

The original single version of ‘Showin’ Off’ is available on iTunes now.