Mon Sep 08

Described as 'a naughty bastard with a heart of gold and a voice of rotting grapes' as well as 'a sweet cup of sauce', Spinning Top’s latest signing Peter Bibby is set to release his debut album ‘Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician’ later this year. 

To give fans a taste of the forthcoming album, Spinning Top are offering ‘Goodbye Johnny’ as a free download track.

You can download ‘Goodbye Johnny’ here

Some words from Peter Bibby on the single. …….. ’Here is a song about my good mate Johnny. He even played bass on the track so yes, he has returned since I wrote the song, thank Christ! Everything in this song is true, from me being sick, to Johnny going to Japan, to Mudhoney insisting upon him touching me, to him moving stuff around in the kitchen. Hear the raw emotion of having a hypochondriac friend leave you for a long time, whilst you are oozing with flu and he simply will not give you any farewell affection.’ 

Stay tuned for further release details on the forthcoming Peter Bibby album “Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician”.

Tue Sep 02

Felicity Groom is set to release her much anticipated sophomore album ‘Hungry Sky’ through Spinning Top Records on Friday October 17th, watch the video for first single ‘Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller’ now. 

The follow on from her debut ‘Gossamer’, the forthcoming album ‘Hungry Sky’ features 12 tracks and was recorded in Perth with band mates Andrew Ryan, Mike Jelinek and Steve Summerlin, and includes guest appearances from Kevin Parker, Jay Watson and Julian Barbagallo (Tame Impala) who all perform on the brand single above.

On the new single ‘Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller’ Felicity says: “The tallest building in the world is in Dubai - called Burj Khalifa. It’s 829.8 metres high. That's approximately 500 people stacked up from head to toe. This song, it took a few people. Not five hundred, maybe five. Actually, four from ground zero to completion. The original demo was played on my granddads drum kit and a beaten up electric organ. We got the final version to sound as much like the demo as possible, with Kevin Parker adding his mad Aphex twin style beat production in the break down.

Felicity Groom will also be performing @ BIGSOUND

Wednesday September 10th - Black Bear Lodge 9:50pm - 10:20pm

'Hungry Sky’ will be released on Friday October 17th. You can pre-order the album here.

Tue Aug 19

POND fronthuman, founding member of Mink Mussel Creek, ex-Tame Impala bass-player, one half of Allbrook/Avery, drummer with Peter Bibby and noise maker with many more, Nicholas Allbrook is set to release his first solo album through Spinning Top Records on September 5th, 2014.  The nine-track album will be released in 2 formats: as a digital download on Friday September 5th and also on Vinyl on Friday October 10th, and features the first official single ‘100 k's ‘round Carmel’.

In a fourteen room trashbag citadel, in an enormous sheepskin coat bequeathed by Jodie, Nick sat in a top floor room and made songs to block out the groans of evil sinful sinful babymaking housemates and drunken revelling and the ever-jabbering n judging voices of the ether.

“Maybe it was the ghost chatter of the Singaporean pro-golfer woman who once housed so many foreign students, ghostily judging me in her healthy happy vivacious ghostdom (note: woman may not be dead). No I did not do the gardening and yes I am a lazy neglectful such n such but take this 808 you cold-hearted she-demon! Take it right in the face with a side dish of melodic middle-class confessions of guilt until you cower and lick yr wounds and I can go back to watching Monkey DVDs and pleasurably julienning my brain”

Australia, pre-order the album and buy the single here

Watch the video

Listen on Soundcloud

Wed Aug 13

Cameron Avery, having spent the last few years crisscrossing hemispheres in various musical adaptations, has now broadened his horizons. Cameron formally premieres his brand new material for his forthcoming album with the Growl, in solo format, on a national tour spanning Brisbane to Perth.  Four capital city dates to showcase his capital music. Cameron muses “aesthetically this a massive departure from my debut album.  These songs were an outlet. Chronological and reflective at the same time kinda. Consider it an expensive and time consuming memoir of the past couple years, sonically shared.”

Shiny Joe Ryan, label mate, band mate and afro-styled extraordinaire, supports Cameron throughout this tour.  Shiny Joe released his debut LP The Cosmic Microwave Background earlier this year and these performances not only unveil his first national solo gigs, they also showcase his recently released songs.

Click the pic for all details and ticket links.